Agricultural Productivity Courses

We offershort courses to promote organizational productivity in the following knowledge areas:
1. Farmer Organizations’ based Agribusiness Support Services
2. BIG Data or Evidence Based Decision Making Training
3. Agricultural process transformation among agricultural value chains
4. Productivity oriented training in customizedknowledge driven short courses supporting actors in value chain aligned organizational programmes
5. Training in Social Enterprise and Design Thinking driven Innovation

The highlighted courses are good for any organization thinking BIG Data and agricultural extension support.

For those keen to work with farmers, we have the privilege of working with young people who want to gain experience as they learn through our Faculty so that, what the sector has accused them of having - too much knowledge without practical touch is addressed. We create practical oriented graduates through our sandwich programmes, not for the University of Nairobi alone, but for all those that seek to work in farm based learning environments at the counties.

To book for training in any of the foregoing areas, kindly contact