Agricultural Value Addition Promotion

CANIS realizes that the desired goal in agriculture is to feed the consumer who pays the farmer for whatever they buy as farmers’ produce. We support the thinking that while the consumer sets the standards and the price at which they desire the produce to be sold at, calls for a businessplanning process. We support the realization that working with farmers and farmer organizations is critical but following the model that delivers results is even more important. We realize that the delivery of the produce to the consumer can be easy or difficult depending on the level of value addition.

Government DevolutionSupport

Kenya has been going through enormous constitutional implementation challenges intended to make devolution to work. Indeed, while other sectors were waiting for direction on how to devolve from what the constitution created to be the Transition Authority; the agriculture sector was itself devolvedfirst without any room being left for the technical people in the sector being consulted through the Transition Authority. Consequently, Agricultural Research was separated from Agricultural Extension and Extension Staff.

Agricultural Transformation

The creation of CANIS was inspired by the agricultural transformation that is the process that we use to guide how our farmers can shift from the highly diversified, subsistence-oriented production to more specialized production oriented agriculture in line with Africa’s transformation thinking. We seek tosupport the producers engage more profitably with the market consumers in whatever organized form they may be.