Degree Programmes

The Center has intensified itsoffering of ICT4Ag Programmes that promote harmony with its anchor programme which has been in existence since 2010 when CANIS for founded. The MSc in Agricultural Economics which focuseson Agricultural Information and Communication Management (AICM)wasformulated to bridge the knowledge domains of agriculture, ICT, and Communications Management;so that graduates from the three knowledge domains can gain knowledge in the areas they never specialized in at their undergraduate in the indicated knowledge areas. The blended programme also supports policyinstitutions in the formulation of policies while also offeringconsulting to development programmes by combining ICT, Agriculture and Communication Management to driven knowledge management related domains the development requirements may be.

Moreover, the Center supports the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS) to create programmes that resonate with agricultural policies that keep emerging at the sectoral level, among farmer and farmer organization orientation, value chain based actors and in training and extension support for effective hands on perspective for wholesomeness in the sector.