Agricultural Value Addition Promotion

CANIS realizes that the desired goal in agriculture is to feed the consumer who pays the farmer for whatever they buy as farmers’ produce. We support the thinking that while the consumer sets the standards and the price at which they desire the produce to be sold at, calls for a businessplanning process. We support the realization that working with farmers and farmer organizations is critical but following the model that delivers results is even more important. We realize that the delivery of the produce to the consumer can be easy or difficult depending on the level of value addition. We therefore promote, through our Faculty in the agricultural engineering and food science and technology department, increased value addition along the supply chainis necessary to make logistical handling easier and spoilage of produce manageable. While processing that comes from the our inter-faculty departments is critical, we appreciate that value addition does not just mean processing of farmers’ produce, but also the provision of support infrastructure for agriculture. Our linkage with governments at the national and county levels makes us support the value addition thinking from a knowledge perspective to help the country realize the agenda of a commercially driven agriculture. This integrated focus then calls for increased and research driven investments in irrigation, feeder roads and off-grid energy access in the rural areas. When we interact with clients and governments, our value addition effort seeks to expand the agriculture infrastructure for promoting agribusiness and innovation with a view to ensuring thatdemand pull from production is realized,thus promoting the production and sustainable management of the limited natural resources.