Agricultural Transformation

The creation of CANIS was inspired by the agricultural transformation that is the process that we use to guide how our farmers can shift from the highly diversified, subsistence-oriented production to more specialized production oriented agriculture in line with Africa’s transformation thinking. We seek tosupport the producers engage more profitably with the market consumers in whatever organized form they may be. As a research driven institute, we teach and integrate our learners into our innovation processes so that they are part of thenewness and refreshingly profitable team that we are able to create. We promote new ideas on development with a view to transforming what exists to a new product or process. We seek transformation; through innovation that is driven by new people, inspired by old knowledge and experience that our Faculty generously passes to those that are our knowledge product- our students is able to create. Through our programmes, we challenge the thinking of those that have learned to live within their comfort zones. We assess the current position of any sector, organization, or value chains,and make proposals that can help realize the alignment with our development model. Guided by our leaning to agripreneurship, the fusion of agriculture and entrepreneurship, we challenge the actors in our change process to gain inspiration from past experiences. Wefuse these with the realities on the ground; so that we can retool what there may exist, to what the newmay be, that is desired. Join us and learn. You are invited.

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